Home Hunters Logo

I designed this logo for Home Hunters, a subsidiary of Milhousing Network. Milhousing Network is an organization of realtors dedicated to helping relocated military personnel find homes. Home Hunters is the business development lead generating team for these realtors. The group is mostly female military spouses, who tend to have difficulty establishing careers due to frequent moves. The logo is feminine, yet empowering, to represent the Home Hunters team.

The Evolution of this Logo Design

My client orginally wanted to include the parent company’s name and have the logo work in concert with the parent company’s logo. She also requested some type of arrow graphic to signify hunters.

My favorite concept here is the one with the heart inside the house — suggesting “home is where the heart is.” This ended up being my client’s choice as well.

In the second round, my client decided against using the parent brand’s name and having this logo be a little more targeted to its own brand – bold and fearless women making their mark in the real estate world. I narrowed the style down to a couple of fonts, and the colors my client most liked at the time.

Further color exploration resulted in a salmon and gold logo, used in glitter form whenever possible.

This brand board shows a quick overview of Home Hunters’ new logo and style for my client’s reference.

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