Loki Intelligent Logo + Business Card Design

Loki Intelligent is a location intelligence firm offering services in geospatial information systems. Loki’s original logo used a Dagaz — an Old Norse symbol meaning “dawn” — and a rough-style font to match. While ancient ruins have little to do with the company, the Dagaz has personal meaning for the owner. With this in mind, I created a clean, modern graphic with the shape of the Dagaz and the dots-and-lines style of technology network icons. The gradient hues are reminiscent of dawn. The end result is a sleek logo that represents the company as professional and intelligent, while still holding meaning for the owner.

The Evolution of this Logo Design

My client’s original logo used an image he pulled from the internet and a haphazard assortment of font styles.

In my first comps, I incorporated the Dagaz in different ways. The name Loki comes from the Norse god of trickery, so I tried some trickery in combining the Dagaz with the lettering of the logo. I also incorporated some traditional location graphics, using a compass and circles connected by lines.

I provided a selection of logos, including concepts that leaned towards my client’s original ideas plus additional ideas to consider that fit his business and target audience. The bottom option was the “out there” comp that I felt worked best — but sometimes the client doesn’t know this until they see it.

My client chose two of the comps to explore further. He liked the look of the compass logo and how it worked with the Dagaz and lettering, but was hesitant to use a symbol used by too many other companies.

He really liked my clean and modern version, and started to see how it would appeal more to his audience. However, he wanted to see it with a bolder font.

In the end, my client kept gravitating twoards the modern logo and liking it more and more. I created a happy medium with the font boldness, and added a gradient to the Dagaz to suggest the colors of a sunrise at dawn.

I created a stacked version of the logo for use in spaces with proportion limitations, along versions for use on dark backgrounds. I provided the Dagaz symbol as a stand-alone element to use on promotional items or as an avatar.

Selected colors and styles complete the brand board, to inspire my client’s use of the style in further materials.

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