About Me

Hello! I’m Susy — your branding and graphic design partner, strategic problem solver, and all-around great person to work with.

After a 15-year career creating and maintaining brand identities in the corporate world, I became an independent designer so I could spread my talents — to smaller businesses, non-profits, and yes, even corporate marketing teams who need a fresh perspective or an extra hand. My background in marketing ensures my designs don’t just look great, but work to clearly communicate the right message to your audience.

In my years of design, I’ve covered it all — brand development, strategic campaigns, and a countless variety of deliverables in both print and digital media. I’ve partnered with B2B and consumer marketing teams. I’ve worked with large corporations, non-profits, and individuals. I’m fluent in print production and proficient in HTML and CSS. (You could call me a unicorn, but I’ve always been more of a pegasus fan.)

But most important, you’ll simply love working with me! I’m organized and efficient, a great collaborator, and always friendly and pleasant to work with. I can’t wait to help solve your design challenges!

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Susy working on laptop on couch with dog by her side

Volunteer Work

When I’m not designing, I spend my time volunteering for Muttville Senior Dog Rescue – in the veterinary clinic, fostering the mutts, and of course helping with graphic design!

The dog in this photo is my beloved Tobiee, who passed away in April 2021. In honor of Tobiee and all the other fabulous animals on the planet, I provide discounted design services for animal rescue organizations.