"Boo Boo Zoo" Brand Identity

Boo Boo Zoo logo design
Boo Boo Zoo animal icons
Boo Boo Zoo brand board

East Maui Animal Refuge, known locally in Hawaii as the Boo Boo Zoo, was looking for an update of their decades-old logo. As a lover of all animals and also the island of Maui, I was excited to volunteer my design services for this project.

East Maui Animal Refuge is a no-kill, all-volunteer, nonprofit rehabilitation sanctuary for injured and orphaned animals in Hawaii. Their mission is to provide rescue, medical treatment, ongoing care and housing for any animal in distress in Hawaii, especially Maui County.

They wanted to combine several elements into their logo design: domestic animals, livestock, Hawaiian vibes, and injury rehabilitation. Their original logo combined all of these elements, but was way too complex for smaller applications.

The new logo uses a single hero animal to represent livestock and one to represent domestic animals. I created additional icons with a wider variety of animals, so the organization isn’t just limited to the pig and cat in their main logo.

The simplified illustration style allows details to remain when reduced in size. Well-defined typography allows both the organization’s official name and nickname to be displayed in a balanced design. Bandages and leis complete the story of a rehabilitation facility on the island of Maui.