C2G2 Productions Brand Identity + Website

C2G2 Productions logo design
Sea turtle image with color blocks pulled out

C2G2 Productions contacted me to develop a professional brand identity and custom website for their film and multimedia production company. This talented duo showcase their passion for oceans and underwater adventures through film, photography, storytelling, and retreats. They’re a laid-back, no drama team who live their lives on the sea and needed branding to match. 

The brand design starts with C2G2’s logo. The logo design is modeled after a Maui’s hook, an ancient Hawaiian symbol of strength and prosperity. The letterforms are reminiscent of ocean waves and evoke a Polynesian flair. I paired these letterforms with the font Signika. This great font has a slight island flair, yet maintains a professional appearance and has full legibility for large blocks of text.

I created a color palette with a mix of sea hues and gentle tropical contrast pops — all with ocean-appropriate names, because I love attention to detail! I rounded out the brand design with alternate logos to fit circular or horizontal spaces, and a custom pattern made out of the logo’s C and G. By rotating these letters, their appearance is even more wave-like and gives the pattern movement.

Once the brand identity was complete, I began design and development on a 9-page custom WordPress site. The site outlines all of the company’s varied services, and features a video gallery and e-commerce shop. The homepage hero section displays one of the team’s videos to show visitors right away how amazing their work is. See the live site at c2g2productions.com.

C2G2 Productions brand board
C2G2 Productions promotional flyer design
Website design mockups for C2G2 Productions

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