Highglow Jewelers Brand Identity + Website Design

Highglow Jewelers Shopify Homepage Design
Highglow Jewelers brand board with colors, typography, and website styles

Highglow Jewelers is a Los Angeles based company that specializes in custom, handcrafted jewelry designs in 24-carat gold. Each piece is uniquely designed to be a reflection of the wearer’s personality. During the pandemic of 2020, Highglow’s business shifted to online, and their very old website needed a complete redesign. Highglow’s jewelry is precious and exclusive, and the brand visuals needed to reflect this. The client wanted not just to improve the look of the site, but also to help make more of an emotional connection with their customers.

I started by developing a brand identity to reflect the spirit of the company and differentiate it from its competitors in the marketplace. While the competitors used primarily gold and white in their websites, I added rich jewel tones to give Highglow a different feel. I compared the gold tones the competitors used, and chose a unique array of three different golds for Highglow’s color palette. The website is built on Shopify, which has a limited number of font choices. I chose two styles within this framework for the website. One is a clean and modern style that’s used for the bulk of the body text. The second font, for headers and highlights, has a unique elegance that complements the style of the company’s jewelry.

The logo options shown on this page were inspired by actual pieces in the company’s jewelry collection. The goal was to create a modern and sophisticated new logo that matches the quality and uniqueness of the company’s jewelry designs. Highglow ended up choosing not to update their logo at this time however, due to the cost of reprinting their stock of jewelry boxes and investing in updated signage for their store locations.

One of the unique aspects of Highglow is that the proprietor learns about each customer and helps them find their aura and life compass, then uses this information to choose the right jewels to work with the customers body. So not only are the pieces custom designed to fit the customer’s personality, they also provide physical and emotional benefits. In addition, there are several spiritual non-profits the company donates proceeds to. I used all of this information to create an inviting luxury website design for Highglow that also reflects the eastern spirituality that’s important to the company.

The live website was developed by an outside partner and can be viewed here.

Highglow Jewelers brand board with colors, typography, and website styles

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