Bay Area Development Company Brand Identity + Website

Bay Area Development Company logo design
Bay Area Development Company Annual Report Design

Bay Area Development Company is an established small business real estate lender, but never had a real logo or developed brand style. I created a fresh new logo, color palette, and pattern styles to polish and professionalize their brand. Alternate versions of the logo maintain brand recognition, while allowing the logo to fit in both horizontal and vertical spaces.

The buildings in the logo represent that their focus is real estate, while the abstract size of the buildings can be seen as high-rise, low-rise, or even industrial — as the company finances all types of real estate. I repurposed the shapes of the buildings to create background patterns, which will be used for their upcoming new website. The website is currently in development. A sneak preview of the pages I designed are shown below. Also in development are new stationery and folder designs, plus a trifold brochure.

I designed the style and layout for company’s 2019 annual report. The 20-page annual report was delivered primarily in digital format, with a small print run.

Bay Area Development Company website pages
Bay Area Development Company brand board

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