Stark Accelerators Brand Identity + Collateral + Website

Stark Accelerators logo design
Stark Accelerators "For Sale" sign in front of a warehouse
Stark Accelerators website pages

Stark Accelerators (formerly known as Stark & Associates) is a real estate company focused on their customers’ growth and innovation while building long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. Stark Accelerators needed a new logo and brand style to reflect their elevated status in the commercial real estate industry and represent their new brand strategy going forward.

A sleek new logo and modern typefaces give the company a high-end feel. A color palette of earth tones helps offset the strong red of their core brand color, and suggests warmth, relating to their focus on personal relationships.

After completing the brand identity project, Stark Accelerators hired me to design and develop their new website. I created a custom theme for the 25-page WordPress site. The site has advanced features such as:
  • Dropping a cookie onto the user’s computer so their location choice is remembered
  • Images with a Ken Burn zoom effect for visual interest
  • Iframe to a separate property listings site
  • On-demand square footage calculator

The live site can be seen at

Stark Accelerators Commercial Real Estate sales sheet
Stark Accelerators brand board

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